An Irish Blessing

“may those who love us, love us; and those who don’t love us, may God turn their hearts; and if He doesn’t turn their hearts, may he turn their ankles so we’ll know them by their limping.”



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2 responses to “An Irish Blessing

  1. I love this bless. Don’t you wish it could work this way. Only if the good Lord listened to us. LOL!

    Your post “Do what you love” – what a great post! I have been telling my kids this for awhile. . .this is something my husband and I didn’t do. There were to many people giving to many opinion. All to confusing when your a kid. These days, I have one son going to college. His major was business: I could NOT see this son as a business major but only gave gentle advice encouraging him to follow his heart and listen in Adoration. It was much to my relief when he came to me last month and asked, “Mom, do you see me as a business major?” This son loves to read and study mostly; economics, theology and anything do with the church. I told him what I wished for him, and that was for him to follow the things he loves and to listen to his heart. I told him it seemed to me he should do something with all the things he knows had has studied. I told him I felt this world is waiting for a great leader and he just maybe it. Two days later he announced: he would be majoring in philosophy and minoring in theology. I won’t be surprised if I see his name on a ballot some where. Anyway ~ I’m going to have all my kids read this post. It’s so true.

    Also, I would like to thank you for stopping by my blog and mostly for liking it. Happy St. Patrick’s Day to you!

    PS ~ I’m a new follower.

    • thanx for the reply. totally agree with you on finding your own path. your son will find his way. the journey is what it is all about. my parents may have been something like yours. their big thing was to “get a college education” which my sisters and i all did. however, that seemed to be the THING of paramount importance. i can”t recall any serious discussion on what the economic value of one degree was over another degree or exploring any other options. to be honest, i realize that they had our best interests at heart and to them a college education was the answer to everything. our generation realizes that there is alot more to it than that. even thogh your son is no longer a child, it’s heartwarming to see that he realizes he still needs your advice. i always get such a strong and fuzzy feeling of satisfaction when my older ones come to me for advice. “oh oh oh ,” i think to myself,”we are finally past the ‘i am 16 years old now and i really do know everything!'” has your son ever considered the priesthood? kind of a radical move today but we need more movers and shakers in this world and we certainly need more priests. sorry to be so long winded…be glad you are not sitting next to me…i could talk your ears off! have a fun day. weather here is beautiful so i’m off to finish cleaning up the front lawn and getting ready to welcome in spring!!!

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