Author Thelma Cunningham

Do You know That I Forgive You

I really do not understand how I can,

Or why,

Immeasurable hurt abounded inside

after you,

This thing, these things you did,

I was perplexed, confused and

wondered why,

Because hurt may come when people

make mistakes,

But when done on purpose,

Many a soul inside dies,






And gloom,

I knew I had to find myself

Or my life was over soon,

Could I find the strength to forgive,

Pass all the hurt,



Self blame and even shame,

My groaning enlightened my senses

And allowed me to refute every

self accusation of blame,

But, I forgive you,

My feelings swayed like leaves blown

By a strong wind,

Back and forth,

Sometimes fiercely and other times violent,

Wanting revenge as I cried,


Inconsolable whimpers,

Inner being left hollow,

Then miraculously,

My emotions,

They finally subsided,


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