Author Thelma Cunningham

“Dad’s Expressions”

“Your mother will take care of that one.

“ What did I say? And don’t you forget it.

“You must think that I’m your mother.

“I will skin you alive.

“And that’s that.

“I will turn this car around.

“Be ready.

“I gave you all the money you are going to get.

“Do you need me to take some of it back?

“Sleep over?  I need peace and quiet.

“When I say go to bed, I mean get in it.

“ I work from sun up to sun down and then some.

‘Ask your mother.

“I will give you something to cry about.

“Keep your elbows off the table.

“Stop being a cry baby.

“Your mother and I run this house.

“Fight until you are bloody.

“Do you think I am running a pig stein.

“I didn’t raise no cowards.

“Is that understood.

“Stand up straight and stop…

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