Author Thelma Cunningham

“Things Moms Say”

Mom’s say things like,

“A little soap and water never killed anybody and

It won’t harm you.”

“You will know when your older.

“Don’t rush growing up.

“Am I talking to a brick wall?

“I did the same things when I was your age.

“Are you going out dressed like that?

“I’m your mother not Ms. …..

“I brought you in the world and I will take

you out.

“Clean up after yourself.

“I am not your maid.

“You must think I was born yesterday.

“Are you mentally challenged or something?

“Do you think those clothes are gonna pick

their self up?

“If you show off, I will wear that but out right there

and not when we get home.

“Do you need a hearing aid?

‘You are going to church whether you like it

or not,

“Don’t make me come in there.

“Go out side and…

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