Death Bothers Me…

Joan is my oldest and dearest friend. We have been friends since first grade. her brother died yesterday. brain cancer. knew him most of my life too. all around good guy. death bothers me. at the risk of sounding really stupid, it’s just so damn final! shouldn’t there be like a two-minute warning or something? “this is your guardian angel calling. pack up your stuff, get your affairs in order and say your good-byes. i’ll be by at 10 am tomorrow to pick you up and take you home.” sounds silly i guess but i wish it could be that way. a big, fat party could be given for the guest of honor while still alive. food, booze, laughter, a dj, party hats, dancing, you know, a real send off! oh well…it’s a thought…i know Jeff is in heaven. God love you buddy. rest in peace. it just sucks for those left behind.


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