Author Thelma Cunningham

The Hoodie

You are soft and covering,

As I move, you provide,






Yes! Some have been infamous

under  you,

That is true,


not the majority I say,

No!  Not the majority at all.

One way direction,

Forward, I press,

Sometimes simply breezing by the things I pass,

Destination without procrastination,

Snuggled under so tightly as I walk,



To cold to do without you,

Bold enough to speak about you,

You are worn in different styles from

culture to culture by any human,

This includes,

Youngins, woman, men,

How is it that for only one culture you

represent only danger, only sin?

Couldn’t that sin apply to most anyone?

It is the behavior associated with it when done

that fuels the fear,


Know that it is true for any culture, any time,

and anywhere.


Understand that this is

not the only…

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