Moving Right Along…

yesterday was Mother’s Day. it was a beautiful day in many ways. my kids always fuss over me on this day and they know i appreciate it. i am so grateful for the children God has given to my husband and me and marvel at how well they turned out. my oldest will be applying to med school next year. he is also a wicked guitar player and has toured the west coast for a few years playing with a “death metal” band. all of his band mates have professional positions i.e. veterinarian,computer program designer,etc. when he was 19 and touring for the first time they all told him what his Father and i had always told him…get an education! guys, i am grateful to you. my 19 year old arrived home from college on friday nite and began working her summer job today. soon it will be summer and my 14 year old son can’t wait because he can finally work this summer. Mike is saving and investing his money to buy a car when he is 16. my little Mary isn’t so little anymore. she’s 11 and life has always excited her. she’s the kind of person people like to be around because she makes everything fun. this post is a small prayer of thanksgiving. please don’t misunderstand me. our family is not perfect. i am just very grateful that they are our children and thank the Lord everyday that he has blessed us with them…

God, the Father watches us all everywhere.

God, the Father watches us all everywhere. (Photo credit: angelofsweetbitter2009)


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