Sad Situation

i know a young woman. she is twenty-three and a nursing student. in the past two years she has had a series of four boyfriends that i am aware of. she was “in love” with each of them and always lived with them and wanted to marry them until the relationship ended. within a month of each relationship she would begin to talk about having a baby,how much she wants to be a mom, how this guy is mr. right. then came her dreaded pregnancy tests and the same old “uh-oh” “oh well,we’ll manage, blah blah blah”. negative tests and a few weeks later the current mr. right would dump her. current boyfriend of five weeks. two weeks ago she complained that now that summer is here she rarely sees mr.right on week-ends because he loves to spend week-ends with his friends four wheeling and drinking. when he does get home he is ready for bed with her of course. she wants more. last week she got more. the test was positive. finally. i swear i couldn’t make this stuff up. all i can think is how utterly sad…

English: positive pregnancy test Deutsch: Ein ...

English: positive pregnancy test Deutsch: Ein positiver Schwangerschaftstest ‪中文(繁體)‬: 驗孕結果顯示已懷孕。 (Photo credit: Wikipedia)


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  1. I agree with you. I teach healthy relationships to young adults and there is an order to a relationship and that poor girl is in for hard road. My story is exactly as hers but thinking someone else is the solution to your happiness can be misguided. I only hope she can be strong enough to go through the possibility of the hard times ahead.

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