Mom and Dad

Just Between Friends

Just Between Friends (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

two of my friends and i were discussing our families the other day. J and A and i have been friends since grade school…yeah,THAT long! anywho,we arrived at this conclusion. we are all married. we have 9 children between us. kids ages range from 8 to 26 and they are all doing very well. grades are taken seriously,part-time jobs and summer jobs are taken seriously, Mass on Sunday is taken seriously,chores are taken seriously(most of the time)…what gives? we are all two-parent families. children need a mom and a dad at home. i know a woman who is a single mom. a great person, she struggles to be both mom and dad to her 2 daughters. her stress level is high…arguing constantly over child support that these men do not want to pay, in and out of court a few times a year, arranging and paying for babysitters while she works because no partner is there to share the responsibility. it is stressful and her girls suffer for it also.


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