Pizza magnate, former GOP presidential candidate and poet Herman Cain sent avery special email to his supporters explaining how excellent it is to be rich.” The missive was prompted by President Barack Obama’s now infamous “you didn’t build that” line, which has become a favorite target of conservatives. Mr. Cain argued the remark and the Obama campaign’s attacks on Mr. Romney’s tax returns and evolving story of his exit from Bain Capital as proof the president has a “disdain for the rich.”

“He doesn’t like you having all that money (unless you contribute it to his campaign), and he really doesn’t like you taking credit for having earned it,” wrote Mr. Cain.

As far as Mr. Cain is concerned, that argument neglects just how very awesome it is to have a lot of cash.

“What a load of crap. To listen to these people, you’d think being rich was…

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