Latest from the Teachers Union Thugs

Latest from the Teachers Union Thugs.



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8 responses to “Latest from the Teachers Union Thugs

  1. . . .and this ignorant dolt is your idol? You really do make me laugh. It’s like flowers for algernon over here. Mind if I call you Charly?

    • Hi. You’re welcome to comment on anything I post but could you be civil about it? If you disagree with a particular view point let me know why. I am all about listening to both sides of an argument. Thanks.

  2. I could be, but calling people “thugs” in a title and equating them with communists and is not th best way to keep an argument civil, nor is there much meat in this article to discuss. If you would like to discuss any of the specifics I would be more than happy to oblige. How about the fact that the legislature funded charter schools by a simple majority vote of legislators present during the last few hours of the last day of the legislative session, and they did not have even a simple majority in favor of the 5 billion dollar funding bill? (next time I’m speaker I’m convening the house at midnight after everyone goes home and voting on everything i want) How about that there is a serious constitutional (in that our constitution expresslly prohibts it) question surrounding this issue as to whether public tax dollars can be used for private schools. (If they wanted to ammend the constitution that would not be an issue, but they don’t have the votes for that.) How about unlike all other voucher schools, louisiana has not included any accountability or consequences for crappy schools? Would you like to discuss the judge who did not recuse himself from ruling on whether the injunction should stand until those issues were resolved (being the hudband of Jindal’s former head of DOA or number 2 in our state) Would you care to comment on all the creationism and lack of real curriculum, or even school buildings for many of the automatically approved charters? I could go on. Or I could return to hurling useless insults to make myself feel better momentarily. Which would you prefer?

    • just turned on the computer to read the local paper and saw your reply. thank you for responding. you touch on a number of topics that i’d like to respond to. right now i need to get dressed,go grocery shopping,and finish up some housework. this evening i will have time to reply. looking forward to a healthy debate! have a nice day…

  3. lol. Anytime, but bring some big intellectual guns next time. 🙂

  4. I find it amusing that you think that highly of yourself. Your argument is nothing more then strawmen, built of twisted logic, strung together with the flimsiest of liberal hemp twine I have seen in a while. Lets debate shall we.

    First you admit charter school funding was aproved, legally. Never mind when it happened or how many voted. Thats irrelevant. In response teachers unions, as is often the liberal go-to response for anything that doesnt go thier way, resort to stamping of feet and threatening to sue everyone and anyone. And that is exactly the entire point of the brief article in this post. As to the rest of you silly little screed, you fail to mention one important fact. That they are vouchers, used by parents to select which school they deem worthy of educating thier children, not yours, not the teachers union, not the governments, but the parents. If the conditions are as horrible as you would have everyone believe then vouchers are in fact the best and quickest way to ensure a failing school is closed. No students=no money=no school.

    Math even a teachers union groupie can understand. And that, my silly misguided lizard is what drives the entire issue. They, I suspect you, and every other public sector union fear the fact that someone may expose the little protection racket you have going on.

    “Its for the children!”
    My ass!


    The Fat Guy In Maine

  5. Actually, the legality of the funding is in dispute and the subject of multiple legal challenges. The Speaker of the House, who was appointed by Jindal, decided to make a “rule change” that any conservative should cringe at. Passing a law with less than a majority? That will be fun when the power shifts and it works the other way 🙂 Additionally, while anyone can pass a law that says, for example, guns are now banned from the united states, that doesn’t make it legal. Our state Constitution says public funds cannot be used for private schools, they passed a law funding private schools with public funds. That is also not legal so not sure what planet you are twisting your facts from Fatman. Perhaps you should have Littleboy do your debating for you.

    Dude, the rest of your stuff is trash. Come back when you have a clue. As of now you are so woefully ignorant on these subjects as to not be worthy of my time. Check out my blog sometime and click on the charter articles and educate yourself and then try to summon a decent argument.


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