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A Nurse With Attitude

 I had a dear friend, ( who is somewhat misguided) send me an e-mail in response to my last gun related post, saying, “I don’t think that anyone should own an AK-47”

Well, I am offended at this. I happen once be a “class 3 gun dealer.” I sold guns and had a working relationship with the local law enforcement and with the BATF. This happens to be a picture of two of my three sons at the range. One has a HK-93 and the other has a FN-FAL. Both Assault-rifles are chambered in .308 cal. which is far more powerful, shoots farther and more deadly than the horrific, dreaded AK-47. But because the ill informed, and the illiterates of the gun world do tend to watch movies, they naturally think that,  what Hollywood uses is the worst there is. Yes the AK-47 looks bad and does get bad press…

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