Do Intelligent Liberals Exist?

as of late, i have been posting many articles written by conservatives or found on conservative blogs. with the upcoming election in the fall, i seem to be preoccupied with the sad direction our country is taking. try as i might to find an intelligent liberal writer or blogger to shed some light on their political beliefs, it has not happened. all of my searches have proved fruitless. their arguments are rarely logical and so often filled with fiction rather than fact. so dear readers i ask you…if anyone can point me in the direction of a liberal writer or blogger who makes sense, i will be happy to read what they offer and post it. thanks for the help…



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3 responses to “Do Intelligent Liberals Exist?

  1. You’re silly. Obviously all liberals are stupid or they would have ejected your kind long ago. No excuse for that really.

    • thanks for your response. i looked around a bit on your blog. unfortunately i still have not found an intelligent liberal source but i will continue to try.

  2. No worries. Your appreciation would actually mean I was doing something wrong. Thanks for confirming my opinion of you.

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