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The Apostle Paul was not just a spiritual giant.

I have studied Paul’s New Testament writings for 33 years to the syntax, grammar and word studies of the Greek New Testament.

Paul is one history’s greatest intellectual and literary geniuses.

If Christianity, the resurrection from the dead of the man Jesus Christ, giving humanity a hope of eternal life is a fairy tale or fiction, then we can conjecture the following.

Paul was a habitual liar bent on deceiving the world.

What would thrust a man to do such a thing?

Either, pure evilness, medically diagnosed insanity, or most probably a mixture of both.

Anyone who is on a mission to purposely deceive and by that destroy others eternal destinies is pure evil of the worse kind.

Another who deceives long enough, though not medically insane, attains to insanity, by the reprobate thinking which impregnates him through his habitual lying.

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