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A Nurse With Attitude

 There has been a lot of conversation here at work about the second amendment and even the rights to carry since the tragedy in Colorado and again in the Sikh temple in Oak  Creek, WI.  In Oregon, you can’t carry your firearm unless you have gone through the “handgun safety class” and you have a permit signed by your friendly Sheriff.  Because of the stigma of seeing someone with a gun, Oregon only allows you to carry if you have a concealed permit and your handgun is hidden where  no one can see it.  In some states, however, it is perfectly fine to carry your firearm on your hip… out in the open. This is technically called “open carry” and because it can easily be seen by all, no concealed carry  permit or special paperwork is required.  I think that carrying an open handgun should be no more outrageous that driving…

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