we are a Republic,not a Democracy. other than that,this post is right on!!!


I’m so sick of it all.  Aren’t you too?  Politicians, all of them it seems these days, at least at the state and federal level, make me sick.  The country’s a mess, falling apart, we’re in debt up to our eyebrows, (almost as bad as Greece actually), and it’s getting worse every day.  We’ve become slaves to ideology, media manipulation and dishonesty.  And there seemingly is no one leader (or leaders) able and willing to do anything about it.  A part of our population doesn’t want to work, they actually like living on the dole, and a bigger part wants to work but there are no jobs.  Some “ones” seem to be systematically eliminating all of the virtues, principles and values that date back to this once great country’s origins, only to replace them in favor of a tyrannical and rampart secularism.  We have a tax cheat in…

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