Below is a post that I wrote in January, 2010. It details the experience of my now 24 year old son’s discovery of the abortion of his child without his knowledge. That story is heart-wrenching enough on it’s own; but first I want to tell you the rest of the story…

The experience described below pushed my son over the edge. He started drinking, then using drugs, to kill the pain in his heart. Today is August 7, 2012, and he has been fighting an addiction to opiates, Oxycontin and Roxycontin, for almost 3 years. First he swallowed them, then he snorted them, then he started injecting them. He has been through rehab, he has been clean for weeks or months, and then relapsed, then been clean, then relapsed.

His lastest relapse was more serious than the rest. A “friend” introduced him to heroin. Last Saturday, he overdosed. It scared him enough that he decided to get…

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