Fellowship of the Minds

Last night, FOTM received an e-mail from Jonathan Wakefield, the author of Saving America: A Christian Perspective of the Tea Party Movement (Crossover, 2012). He’s asking all Christians to do our little part to ensure Obama will not get another four years, by helping to register more voters. Here is his email, followed by a brief description of his book, which I highly recommend!



I come to you today with a request—one that I hope will affect the 2012 elections, and every one thereafter, helping to restore America to her founding principles so that we can again live freely under the Heavenly King instead of in slavery under the earthly king of Big Government.

I’m not asking you to join an organization, make phone calls, knock on doors, work the polls, or drive anyone to them (though those are all great things to do). My request is simple:…

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