and this is why he won…

The Rio Norte Line

As the Obama supporters routinely take pleasure in telling us, we lost. As I survey the political landscape, I’m afraid that the election of 2012 signals that we lost more than just an election, we have lost the cultural battle that has been raging in America for the past 50 years.

Politics follow culture. The political will of an electorate is only the representation of the will of the dominant culture of the period – and that is what the left in America has understood during their long march through the institutions of our country (via Dutschke, Gramsci and the Frankfurt School of Cultural Marxism). While conservatives were fighting tactical skirmishes, the left was playing the long game, patiently waiting for the time when the culture that they were creating overwhelmed the political world.

Stepping back to look at the reasons that Obama and the Democrats won at the…

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