A Nurse With Attitude

  Apparently there were no signs found anywhere on campus in Casper WY.  I ask, “Why were there no signs?”   If there had just been a “Bow and Arrow free zone” sign posted…  clearly, this tragedy would have been avoided!

Some Yahoo in Casper, apparently attacked and killed three people  in a senseless shooting spree with a Bow & arrow attack.  I see a sudden rash of bow and arrow regulation, registration, restriction, and a bow and arrow five day waiting period coming before buying any bows… and a violence tax on all arrows.  Maybe Bows and arrows should be restricted  to only the police and military.

I know this sounds silly.  But for some strange reason, in the liberal mind (and with some of my conservative friends) these comments and same exact logic seems to work just fine when it comes to guns and random gun violence.  To…

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