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Letter from a U.S. Marine in Afghanistan

Letter from a U.S. Marine in Afghanistan.

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Just Above Sunset

The eighteenth century gave us lots of things – like Mozart and the steam engine and the guillotine – but it also gave us modern democracies. Monarchies would no longer do. Thanks to Rousseau and others, there was new talk of the rights of man and the citizen – as opposed to the divine or hereditary or de facto rights of any king or queen. Citizens could run any country just as well, or better, than some loopy king – they had their own interests in mind and, in charge, would make decisions for the common good. The whim or greed of personal issues of one man would no longer determine day-to-day life for everyone else.

That’s how things should be, so the French beheaded their king and queen, and quite a few others, and over here, we also decided we could run this place ourselves – we needed no king…

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This is great…

Blooms and Bubbles

Steve is a non-religious Jew, and I am an observant Episcopalian, but we both value irreverence. Recently, Stevie wrote this to me in an email:

“As you might guess, the only thing I know about Vestry is that the word ‘rector’ is hilarious. I would love to sit down and discuss religion with you at some point. Religious discussions in this country are all about ‘me versus you, and I’m right.’ People who are religious genuinely fascinate me. I often envy them their beliefs. However I tend to infuriate the believers, with my rampant joke-laden atheism.”

Steve drafted a list of topics, and we both promised not to get all huffy. What follows is a transcript of our virtual “sit down.” I hope we don’t offend, and that maybe you’ll share your take on God, Life, and Whatnot, too.


I call myself very Jewish and not…

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The Rio Norte Line


If we lived in a society where the media was not part of the government and actually reported the news rather than pushed government propaganda, not only would this woman not be allowed to get away with saying something this stupid and demonstrably false, she couldn’t possibly get elected:

Nancy Pelosi: Violent Movies & Video Games Aren’t the Problem, Gun Laws Are

Now, we’ve already covered the evidence – from the medical community – proving that movies and video games are directly connected to increased rates of violence.  We have also shown that Pelosi knows this as the information was presented directly to Congress.  So she is lying .  There is no other way to put this: Pelosi is lying and knows she is lying – period!

We’ve also shown that gun laws are also connected to violence, only in the opposite direction Pelosi is claiming.  The more gun laws…

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