More Evidence that Left is Stupid in the Headlines of Their Own State-Sponsored Media

The Rio Norte Line

Do you remember back when Obamacare was rammed down our throats, how the Right tried to warn people about all the harm that was going to come from it?  Do you remember how Obama and his cronies told everyone who would listen that the Right was wrong and that their objections were just fear mongering?  Well, from their own State-Sponsored Media, here is the proof that the Right was right:

Projected Shortage of 45,000 Doctors by 2020...

WALGREEN clinics to begin treating chronic illnesses...

Easier to Apply for Green Card than Obamacare...

VA blocks exchange abortion coverage...

FLASHBACK: States Limiting Drug Prescriptions for Medicaid Patients...

I can find a bunch more for you if you need them, but if I have to post them to convince you of my point, I will take advantage of the opportunity to explain to people that having to post additional stories of the Right's…

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