Boston Bombing: Get ready for some new restrictions

A Nurse With Attitude

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Sorry folks,  I haven’t written in a while.  My wife has had some issues and I went with her to see her dad in Tampa Florida.  I just got back today.


The first thing I saw as I returned was the Boston Bombing.   How many more freedoms will we lose?   Here’s an open topic for you all to speculate on.  How many freedoms are we about to lose?  How many more drones flying in our cities in the name of “safety?”  How many more calls for gun control for “our safety” will it be?  How about new gun laws and eventually confiscation?

The national media will not say anything to contradict our leader.  I’m sure that the culprit will eventually be a Tea-Party,  Abortion-protesting, gun owner, conservative Christian, Militia member.

The National media is so supportive of Islam and political correctness, If this turns out to…

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