Confusing Opinion with History


The following example is an opinion based on fact where the observer draws an erroneous position based on his presuppositions. It is amazing to me how liberals think. They take history out context, mix eras, interpret a federal takeover of an existing private entity as having built the railroads, highways, canals, telephone lines, etc. The letter is in regular type. I put my reply in bold.

To the editor:

The great American myth of “rugged individualism” was invoked in the Feb. 17 letter, “Time to start acting like our forefathers.”

David R. Houck wrote, “Pioneers traveled west for months, across a continent, to improve their prospects. The government did not provide anything for them.” He is wrong. (Actually, he was overly broad, but essentially correct. The federal government had a small role in westward expansion, but mostly responded to citizens’ migrations).

Historian Stephanie Coontz, in her 1992 book “The…

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