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Today I’m Gonna Have Fun…

It is important to have fun. This week was a BAD one. I’m taking my daughter to the local amusement park today to swim and water slide and goof off!  It’s days like today that make me want to celebrate life. Tragedies occur, accidents happen and loved ones are taken away when we least expect it. Create good times and appreciate the love of your family and the fellowship of great friends. At the end of the day THAT is what matters…

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I Forgot…

Sunday Morning

Sunday Morning (Photo credit: jspaw)

last week was exceptionally busy. my husband worked longer hours than usual. i worked a total of 56 hours…unheard of for me! i usually work approximately 16 to 20 hours weekly. couple that with my son attending a Phillies(is that spelled correctly???)baseball game and the logistics that went along with that,my daughter attending a birthday party two hours away(“who is taking what car to where cause i won’t be here when you get home and Dad will be at work and blah blah blah?”),the company picnic,my son working Friday and Sunday at the Pa. Grand Shoot, i was the lector at 11 am mass so i could not even be late,uh-oh change vacation plans this week cause D.C. has NO power and the water is iffy,quick change…off to Inner Harbor in Baltimore. Somewhere in all of that busy stuff that we do i forgot. i forgot that summers are supposed to be relaxing!

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